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Checking for Evictions

Nov 22, 2016

One more time: The importance of an eviction search cannot be overemphasized.

If your applicant is trying to hide information about previous rental problems, they will frequently give you the name of a friend in lieu of their real landlord. When you call that friend, you are assured that the applicant was a “great tenant.” You have no way of proving otherwise. The eviction search frequently prevents this from happening.

Eviction search court documents show whether an applicant has had trouble in the past that resulted in a previous landlord filing a court action. NTN can provide eviction filings (UDs, FEDs, etc.). When “running” an eviction check, it is important to check all names and addresses that your applicant has used. These additional names and addresses may be found on the application, as well as the credit report.

Needless to say, when you get a “hit,” always contact the plaintiff (landlord) in the action—not the landlord provided by the applicant. The applicant may be an acceptable resident in spite of the eviction filing.