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Whether you own a single rental property or manage hundreds of multi-family properties, NTN gives you everything you need to make sound rental decisions. A low-cost, one-time NTN® membership fee gives you access to resident screening resources and tenant management tools as well as a comprehensive set of screening reports that can be tailored to your needs.

NTN Subscriber Benefits

  • On-demand Reports

  • 24/7 Online Screening Report Request

  • Free Tenant Screening Class*

  • Verification Services
  • NTN SecureLease® Training Guides

  • Forms Library

  • State Tenant Law Resources

  • Customizable State Lease Template

  • NTN SecureManage® Account

  • NTN SecureApp® Online Tenant Application

Available Reports**

  • NTN DecisionPoint® Report

  • NTN DecisionPoint® Plus Report
  • NTN Tenant Performance Profile

  • FCRA Compliant Rejection Letter

  • Retail Credit Analysis

  • Business Credit Analysis

  • Social Security Searches

  • Skip Tracing and Fraud Detection

  • County Criminal Report

  • Statewide Criminal Report

  • Multistate Criminal Report

  • Sex Offender Search

  • Terrorist Search

  • Credit Report (requires on-site Credit Bureau inspection)

*Availability varies by location. Contact your local office for more information.
** Contact your local office for options and pricing. Bulk pricing is available.