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With over 35 regional offices nationwide, NTN has the local expertise and national reach that your business needs.

Regional Directory


Alaska(800) 228-0989Email More Info
Northwest(888) 989-1686Email More Info
Oregon(888) 989-1686Email More Info
Washington(888) 989-1686Email More Info
Seattle / Tacoma(888) 989-1686Email More Info
Northern California(800) 800-5602Email More Info
Northern Nevada(800) 800-5602Email More Info
Sacramento / Central Valley(800) 800-5602Email More Info
Southern California(800) 800-5602Email More Info


Arizona(480) 607-5288Email More Info
Dallas / Fort Worth(800) 801-1371Email More Info
Southeast Texas(281) 487-4100Email More Info
San Antonio(800) 801-1371Email More Info


Chicago(630) 889-6030Email More Info
Cleveland(800) 228-0989Email More Info
Illinois(800) 228-0989Email More Info
Indiana(877) 579-3520Email More Info
Ohio(877) 579-3520Email More Info
Kansas(316) 686-3000Email More Info


Kentucky(800) 228-0989Email More Info
Florida(800) 330-2930Email More Info
Georgia770-517-3456Email More Info
Louisiana(281) 487-4100Email More Info
Tennessee(615) 721-2904Email More Info
Hampton / Norfolk(866) 387-6320Email More Info
District of Columbia(866) 387-6320Email More Info
Mid Atlantic(866) 387-6320Email More Info
North Carolina(866) 387-6320Email More Info
Virginia(866) 387-6320Email More Info
West Virginia(866) 387-6320Email More Info


New Jersey / Delaware(800) 422-8299Email More Info
Philadelphia(800) 422-8299Email More Info
Pittsburgh(800) 228-0989Email More Info
Boston(800) 228-0989Email More Info
Eastern Pennsylvania(866) 387-6320Email More Info
New York(800) 422-8299Email More Info

If you cannot identify your local office, please contact NTN Headquarters for assistance.

National Tenant Network HQ

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PO Box 1664
Lake Oswego, OR

(800) 228-0989

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