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For property owners and managers, attracting qualified applicants is the objective. It's a challenge. In addition to the application, application fees must be taken, each applicant must be screened, an accept or reject decision made and lease documents prepared and delivered for signature. Applicant information is entered multiple times. The process is time consuming and prone to errors. NTN SecureLease solves these problems.

Applicant information is collected ONE-TIME. You can even allow the applicant to apply online. NTN SecureLease provides a multi-part online application tied to your vacancy. That application information is then used to screen the applicant with a few quick clicks. For applicants that satisfy your acceptance criteria, NTN SecureLease automatically generates a selected, state specific lease and permits you to append custom lease documentation. NTN SecureLease helps you work SMARTER, saves valuable time, prevents errors and ensures policy compliance. It automates the entire application and lease process, providing property managers and owners with a true end to end screening solution. What used to take hours now can be done in minutes!

The Application: Apply with Online Convenience.

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The Screening: NTN DecisionPoint Reliability.

Now that the applicant has applied online (or you’ve entered the applicant’s information), simply click a button to “screen the applicant”, and your request is processed instantly. NTN SecureLease already has the applicant information, saving you time and preventing errors. If you order NTN DecisionPoint or NTN DecisionPoint Plus, you will receive the applicant’s score and rental recommendation in seconds. This report is customizable using your standards and management override is permitted. Ordering and viewing all NTN reports is a few easy mouse clicks away. You now have more convenient access to the most reliable screening model in the industry, backed by the most comprehensive tenant performance case histories in the business. NTN SecureLease automatically stores the information on all of your applicants, keeps track of where they are in the application process, and retains all screening results in your account.

The Lease: Generate Leases in Seconds.

NTN SecureLease offers a comprehensive library of state-specific leases at no charge to you. To generate a new lease, complete a simple form providing applicable lease information. NTN SecureLease uses the information already on file about your applicant, automatically merges all information into your lease and instantly delivers all documents to the approved applicant via e-mail. What used to be a time-consuming, error-prone process can now be done in a couple of minutes, and the chance for errors from duplicate entering information is eliminated.

NTN SecureLease allows you to manage available units and properties, to customize your online application, to manage leasing forms, and much more. NTN SecureLease is web-based, so there is no software to install and maintain. All you need is a computer with Internet access!

Work Smarter!

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