Office of the Inspector General

Nov 22, 2016

The Office of the Inspector General in its Tenant Integrity Program directs public housing authorities to:

  • Improve intake procedures
  • Organize detection efforts
  • Expand fact finding
  • Take local action


  • To screen applicants in the most objective manner possible by determining their tenant history at other dwelling units
  • To participate in a large data base system which permits many users access to objective information
  • To enhance the tenant selection process so as to obtain qualified tenants who have demonstrated a propensity to adhere and a record of adhering to a lease agreement
  • To preserve the limited housing stock available to low income families by identifying applicant’s who are high risk and the associated costs
  • To increase the ability to provide “quiet enjoyment” to all residents of public housing properties through objective screening

The NTN Tenant Performance Reporting System can help you implement the directive as well as establish a foundation for achieving these objectives.