For Property Managers

Make informed decisions about the residents for your rental property. NTN’s comprehensive suite of secure screening services give you the tools to select the best tenants for your property, eliminate potentially high-risk tenants and balance risk.

Over the past 35 years, we have developed a list of innovations that have set the bar for industry standards in resident screening. Whether you manage one property or one thousand properties, resident screening is a smart move to protect your property investment.

Why Screen Prospective Tenants?

Protect Your Property Investment—Investment losses occur from evictions, “skips” (tenants who leave without notice or without paying the last month’s rent) and property damage done by tenants. It is important to be aware of past performance when choosing a tenant for your property.

Comply with Fair Housing Laws—The Fair Housing Act is a set of laws that are in place to prevent discrimination in housing transactions, including sale, rental or financing of property. Using NTN’s services, you can establish fair and consistent rental application and screening process that is fully compliant with federal and state laws, while protecting your property investment against risky tenants.

Protect Against Fraud—Credit fraud and identity theft are growing national problems. In addition, prospective tenants may not provide accurate, truthful information on their rental applications. NTN’s suite of reports allow you to verify tenant-provided information and alert you to critical information that gives you an accurate assessment of your prospective tenant’s worthiness.


Illegal Discrimination
Find out what types of housing discrimination are illegal and how to avoid them.

FCRA/Obtaining a Credit Report
Learn how to determine the best credit bureau for your area.

Evaluating a Credit Report
A simple way to score your applicant.

Checking for Evictions
Possible evictions mean possible trouble.

Criminal Background Checks
The risks and the value.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions.

A Guide to Getting Started
Learn how the NTN screening process works.

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