Request an Application Process

Step 1 Complete the form to receive a full application packet via email, FAX or U.S. Mail. The packet you receive will contain detailed instructions outlining the information required to process your request. Please note: We’ll need the primary zip code of your rental property/properties to refer you to the appropriate local office.

Step 2 Complete the application and mail or fax it to your local NTN® office. We’re required by law to have your signature on file. If you wish to be a fully credentialed subscriber, your approval will be dependent on the bureau imposed on-site inspection process. The on-site inspections are conducted by a third party service, and will be scheduled once all required documents are received by NTN.

Step 3 Once your application is approved, you will receive an NTN® access number and welcome packet via email, FAX or U.S. Mail, whichever you prefer.