Resident Screening

Resident screening solutions go far beyond a single report.

National Tenant Network (NTN) provides you with solutions that go beyond a single credit report. With access to the largest proprietary tenant history database in the nation, you can make informed decisions about the residents for your property.

Each day, experienced employees at NTN's regional offices collect eviction filings from local court records and other tenant history information from landlords like you. The information is transmitted to centralized, multi-tasking servers for instant use in screening residential and commercial applicants nationwide. We uncover up-to-the minute information about your applicant, allowing you to make informed decisions about the next resident of your rental property. You can feel secure knowing that our services follow strict standards that are fully compliant with applicable State and Federal Fair Credit Reporting Acts and Federal Fair Housing Laws.

NTN's set of resident screening reports will help you identify good, as well as problem, tenants. If you choose to use the online service, you'll have comprehensive resident screening results. Otherwise, rely on the personal expertise of our experienced office staff to handle your request via fax or phone.

The bottom line.

NTN is committed to helping you select the best possible residents. Learn more about the Resident Screening Solutions and why thousands of other property owners rely on NTN to protect their bottom line.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

In 1980, instant access to the largest tenant history database in the nation began from one source: NTN.

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