NTN Tenant Performance Profile

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The NTN Tenant Performance Profile, available as a standalone report or included automatically with both the NTN DecisionPoint and NTN DecisionPoint Plus reports, helps you prevent costly application misrepresentations. The report includes eviction and lease violation history, a social security number (SSN) check, a terrorist (OFAC) search and previous landlord identification. NTN® Quality Assurance procedures include an NTN® staff review of report results.

Features & Benefits


NTN’s national network of regional agents collect the latest eviction filings from local public courthouse records.


NTN’s subscribers contribute valuable
tenant history information which becomes a part of the
NTN Tenant Performance Profile.


In addition to landlord identification, a complete SSN verification check helps detect application misrepresentations.


Our services follow strict standards that are fully compliant with State and Federal Fair Credit and Housing laws.

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NTN Tenant Performance Profile Pricing

NTN Tenant Performance Profile reports can be ordered individually or in combination packages. Contact your local office for pricing.

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NTN Verification Services adds another layer of risk management to your tenant selection process without costing you valuable time.

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