Verification Services

Gain back valuable time

NTN Verification Services lets our experienced staff make the calls, check the references and contact sources for previous landlords and employment history. With this premium service, NTN verifies the application and returns a report based on extensive research including direct telephone contact with the applicant’s references, employers and landlords.

Features & Benefits

Landlord Verification

  • Checks NTN tenant database for information reported from a previous landlord.
  • Address validation (explanation of recent addresses that do not appear on the application).
  • In instances of possible eviction matches, NTN will contact the plaintiff for further details.
  • Landlord identity confirmation.

Employment Verification

  • Employment history verified through Human Resources, Personnel Department or Senior Management.
  • Corroboration of names listed.
  • Status of self-employed applicants.

View a Sample Landlord Verification Report  

View a Sample Employer Verification Report 

NTN Verification Services can be ordered individually or in combination packages. Contact your local office for pricing.

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