Resident Screening Packages

NTN's resident screening packages highlight potential liabilities, not just credit history.

NTN has taken the guesswork out of screening applicants. We have developed a suite of resident screening packages to help you make informed decisions and to ensure you follow consistent verifiable procedures for every applicant.

Retail credit reports supply detailed information to help you determine if an applicant is a good credit risk. Important considerations for a lender, but they have little to do with whether or not the applicant will be a good resident.

NTN's screening packages take into account eviction filings and lease violations, as well as a complete credit history, to create a comprehensive look at each applicant. Our solutions allow you, as a subscriber, to tailor analysis of the applicant to your own market realities. When your account is set up, you can choose between default industry standards, or adjust the criteria to meet specific residency requirements you have established.

NTN screening packages offer unique value to NTN subscribers. All provide for compliance, consistency and simplification of your residency evaluation and rental decision-making processes. These benefits are consistent with NTN's promise of providing excellence in resident selection solutions.

NTN DecisionPoint and DecisionPoint Plus

NTN designed these services to help safeguard sensitive consumer data and comply with new credit bureau rules. For the small subscriber who no longer qualifies to receive retail credit reports, NTN DecisionPoint provides all the information needed to make a sound rental decision. NTN DecisionPoint Plus includes the applicant's credit report for fully credentialed subscribers.

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NTN Traditional Resident Selection System (IRSS)*

The IRSS Score measures the applicant's willingness and ability to meet obligations, helping landlords and managers determine "tenant worthiness." This report provides a consistent, uniform, objective standard that helps minimize the potential for Fair Housing Act complaints.

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Full Service

NTN's premium full service processing combines established methods and procedures with resources, knowledge, background and experience to detect potential problem areas applicants may try to conceal. In 4-48 hours, you will receive the comprehensive results of our extensive research.

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