NTN DecisionPoint & NTN DecisionPoint Plus

NTN provides a complete history, for a comprehensive look at your applicant.

NTN's screening packages let you tailor analysis according to your own market realities. Whether DecisionPoint or DecisionPoint Plus is right for you, you get the information you need to make a sound rental decision.

NTN DecisionPoint

Designed by NTN to solve the need to safeguard sensitive consumer data, NTN DecisionPoint serves the interests of subscribers from Enterprise level managers to small subscribers. For the Enterprise level manager, NTN DecisionPoint delivers all the same analyses and benefits to our subscribers as NTN DecisionPoint Plus (see below), with the exception of the applicant's credit report. The applicant's retail credit report is retained in the NTN national system for administrator's eyes only. For the small subscriber who does not qualify to receive retail credit reports under the new bureau rules, NTN DecisionPoint provides all the information you need to make a sound rental decision:

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NTN DecisionPoint Plus

NTN DecisionPoint Plus is designed for the fully credentialed subscriber and provides all the analytical and scoring benefits of NTN DecisionPoint (see above), PLUS it includes the applicant's full retail credit report for your review.

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Resident screening package benefits:

Receive management reports.
Get an objective analysis of the areas from which your properties attract applicants. Their income ranges and scores determined by NTN products are critical to refining acceptance criteria and resident selection policies. NTN solutions help landlords maintain occupancy, improve cash flow and protect their bottom line.
Maintain sensitivity to security issues.
Account configuration allows NTN's system to eliminate delivery of the applicant's credit report to anyone other than the account administrator. Sensitive consumer data remains secure within the NTN national system.
Fine-tune your criteria.
NTN scoring allows subscribers to establish criteria for each property subscribed. You have the flexibility to use our default settings or to set your own acceptance criteria. The system provides a final verdict: accept, reject or accept with conditions.
Send a pre-printed, Fair Credit compliant rejection letter.
If the NTN score results in adverse action or rejection, the system automatically provides a properly formatted, FCRA compliant, rejection letter for delivery to the applicant.

Order reports individually or in combination packages. Contact your local office for pricing.

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