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Several questions recur on a regular basis: We've addressed them here. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help.

Q. What credit bureau does NTN use?

A. As a subscriber to National Tenant Network (NTN), you have access to any or all of the three major credit reporting bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

Q. I already use a credit report. Why should I consider NTN?

A. Credit reports are an excellent indicator of how an applicant handles routine payments, but it doesn't include any rental-specific information. Credit reports only show an eviction if a money judgment is ordered, and the file contains enough information to add it to the consumer's file. This process can take up to two years before it ends up on the credit report! By that time, the tenant may already be living in your unit. In fact, we've found that 66% of all eviction judgments never make it to the consumer's credit file. What about those eviction filings that end in "possession only," or are dismissed? NTN picks up eviction filings directly from the courts: initial filing through disposition. We don't have to wait for a judgment to report a pending eviction. This ensures that property managers know about all evictions, even those that are dismissed or "paid and stayed."

Q. How do I order reports?

A. Once you are a subscriber, there are two easy ways:

  1. Order online Internet screening through NTNonline.com.
  2. Order via phone or fax screening, and get reports back within 55 minutes.

Q. How long has NTN been in business?

A. NTN began in 1980, and has since grown to 30 regional offices across the country. Each of the offices is locally owned and operated; owners with a vested interest in their communities and/or regions and are there to help you.

Q. How does NTN network property managers with rental property owners?

A. As an NTN subscriber, you have the opportunity to report to NTN's tenant performance database when a tenant moves into or out of your properties. You also can report lease violations and tenant worthy ratings. Property managers across town or across the country benefit from your experience with that resident. An applicant may have excellent credit, but be a lousy tenant (as identified by their previous rental history, reported by NTN subscribers). The exclusive NTN Tenant Performance Report can provide you with this type of relevant information, as well as names used in previous screenings, and when and where your applicant has been screened in the NTN network.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

NTN finds that 66% of all eviction judgments never make it to the consumers credit file!

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