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Exclusive subscriber benefits. Sound rental decisions. Undeniable peace of mind.

You will find only the highest standards of integrity, character and excellence from each NTN office and in every NTN product and service made available to you. Whether you are a fully credentialed subscriber or not, we have a solution available to help you make sound rental decisions.

Reports Credentialed Fully Credentialed
Full Service X X
Verification X X
Tenant Performance Profile X X
IRSS (FICO based) X
NTN DecisionPoint X X
NTN DecisionPoint Plus X
Retail Credit X
Business Credit X
Statewide Criminal X X
Nationwide Criminal X X
County Criminal X X
Sex Offender X X
Terrorist X X
Social Security Searches X X
Skip Tracing and Fraud Detection X X
Education regarding administering proper screening techniques X X
Tools and guidelines for selecting the best applicant X X

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