Criminal Background Checks

Performing a criminal background check is a smart move.

Criminal background reports are an integral part of resident screening. NTN provides multistate criminal reports, statewide reports and county criminal reports that exemplify today's industry standards. County criminal reports are the most reliably accurate as they are researched manually. State-wide or multistate criminal data is provided directly from state computer systems. While NTN procedures provide you with the most reliable criminal data available, some states provide less than perfect data. It is important to remember:

How long must you wait?

NTN subscribers have access to criminal background reports searchable from many local, county or statewide databases.

For most county searches, however, it may take from one to three business days. (These searches are generally done in each county manually by courthouse researchers.)

Order reports individually or in combination packages. Contact your local office for pricing.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

NTN provides solutions for all rental and real estate investors, from the sole proprietor renting out one room of a building, to major corporations with thousands of rentals under their management control. Our screening solutions are customized to substantially assist with bottom line success.

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