Tenant Performance Profile

The Tenant Performance and Eviction Report gets to the truth of the matter.

Since 1980, NTN, the nation's oldest national resident screening company has maintained the largest proprietary resident history database in the nation. Not only do we update local eviction filings, but we rely on property owners, like you, to provide information about your residents that can be shared across the network with other landlords and property owners.


Feature Benefit
Reveals if your tenant has ever been evicted. Timely and updated court house public records.
Includes other NTN subscriber experiences with your applicant. Identifies a propensity to breach lease agreement.
Lists the state of origin for your applicant's Social Security Number (SSN). Application and credit fraud detected.
Contains the NTN National Scan, accurate and reliable information that notifies you of previous screenings for the Social Security Number. Helps you verify that the Social Security Number the applicant is using is really theirs. Helps track apartment hunting and limits fraud.
Verifies the landlord information, if available, for all addresses on the application. Provides the right current or previous landlord contact information.
Includes National Terrorist Search results. Search of Office of Foreign Asset Control data by applicant name.
Displays tenant-worthy ratings, if information is available. NTN provides instant access to tenant-worthy ratings. These are responsible residents.

Order reports individually or in combination packages. Contact your local office for pricing.

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