Verification Services

Verifying an applicant is 50% art, 50% science, and 100% imperative.

Ensuring accurate information takes experience, resources and insight. We apply all three to verify the information provided by the applicant. Our established procedures help determine tenant worthiness. That methodology is a science. Using the right resources, gaining the appropriate knowledge and using our years of experience to detect a potential red flag — that's an art.

NTN verifies the application and returns a report based on extensive research including direct telephone contact with the applicants references, employers and landlords.

You may purchase the following services individually, or if you're interested in all of these services plus other NTN reports, NTN's Full Service option may be right for you.


NTN will verify residency history, including:

In instances of possible eviction matches, NTN will contact the plaintiff for further details.


NTN will verify employment history, including:


For subscribers who satisfy eligibility requirements, NTN will verify that the applicant has an account, whether or not your applicant has a history of bounced rental checks.

Order reports individually or in combination packages. Contact your local office for pricing.

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