Our services are flexible. Security and integrity, now that's another story.

Convenience is key when you work with NTN. That's why subscribers have multiple ways to use our services and screen applicants. You can use our online resident screening service. Or, if you prefer, you can work directly with one of our local offices.

Our security procedures, on the other hand, allow no shortcuts. NTN screening packages offer unique value to NTN subscribers. All provide for compliance, consistency and simplification of your residency evaluation and rental decision-making processes.

NTN offers two unique subscription choices

Option 1.

For landlords interested in receiving only NTN DecisionPoint and Criminal Reports click on the link below and get started right now online. As a subscriber you'll be able to customize your criteria and receive in-depth credit analysis presented in a simplified, summarized format. It's the easiet way to find your ideal tenant.

Security procedures require confirmation of your computer�s IP address. You must complete this subscription process, including responding to an e-mail that is sent from NTN to you BEFORE you shut off or reboot your computer. The IP address confirmation will also fail if you change computers before you are done.

The PRIMARY zip code where my properties are located is:

Option 2.

Or, if you would perfer to have all of our reports at your fingertips, you can follow our standard three-step process described below. You'll be able to check credit history, criminal backgrounds and tenant performance reports, as well as certify employment and residency.

Request an application

Step 1
Complete the form on the following page to receive a full application packet via email, FAX or U.S. Mail. The packet you receive will contain detailed instructions outlining the information required to process your request. Please note: We'll need the primary zip code of your rental property/properties to refer you to the appropriate local office.
Step 2
Complete the application and mail or fax it to your local NTN office. We're required by law to have your signature on file.
If you wish to be a fully credentialed subscriber, your approval will be dependant on the bureau imposed on-site inspection process.
Step 3
Once your application is approved, you will receive an NTN access number and welcome packet via email, FAX or U.S. Mail, whichever you prefer.

The PRIMARY zip code where my properties are located is:


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