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One-time NTN Membership Fee$35.00
On-demand Reports
On-demand Reports$21.00 per search
NTN Tenant Performance Report$8.50 per search
County Criminal Search$15.00 per search
Statewide Criminal Search$15.00 per search
Multi-state Criminal Search$20.00 per search
Employment Verification$10.00 (one time fee)
Landlord Verification$10.00 (one time fee)
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Are You Interested in Receiving an Applicant's Credit Report?

If so, you must become “fully credentialed” with NTN. The requirements are dictated by government regulation and must meet credit bureau criteria. There is additional paperwork, specific to each of the three credit reporting agencies, as well as a required third party site inspection to determine if storage of sensitive documents meets bureau standards. Our staff is more than happy to assist you through this process.

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